08 Aug 2018


More often than is made known publicly, companies frequently have the cause to embark on a recruitment drive. Employers, HR practitioners and Hiring Managers know what it really takes to get the right people in. Recruitment can be very challenging as it involves spending time and resources to discuss, review and advertise the opening; screen applications; spend hours interviewing; run background checks, and so on. Outsourcing the recruitment process is here to stay and here’s why:

Better Process/Industry Knowledge
It is easy to hire the wrong person. Every candidate (well, most) knows to present the best image that fits the advertised job description to the recruiter. This can pose a huge challenge to an in-house hirer who has other core duties to handle. Searching and then sifting through candidates to get the best in that industry is a hard, long and boring process.
The expertise to screen and select the best based on objective criteria are some of the things recruitment agencies present. Basically, a good recruitment agency not only save you time, they do the job better.

Many organizations have unfilled positions for months, not because they do not want to hire but because they have not found the right candidate, and it is hardly the most important task for their staff at any point in time. You will get fit-for-purpose candidates quicker using a recruitment agency.

Saved Cost
The hiring process takes its own time, and good money too. Searching, screening, fixing and conducting interviews with prospects can cost a lot. How many key employees handling strategic roles will be made to go through the entire process of sourcing and screening candidates? (especially when other activities that are more closely tied to the bottom line can take the same time). Going through a recruitment agency can substantially reduce cost of recruitment. This is especially true for big companies that have to hire frequently to fill up positions.

Candidate Pool
Recruitment agencies have a robust pool of candidates, together with massive networks to reach out to a lot more. A large talent pool is good for your company.
Needless to say, your hiring process is a reflection of your entire business as a whole. As the company grows, you will need to analyze your recruitment solution. The right recruitment agency will introduce you to automated solutions to make your hiring process faster, inclusive and definitely effective.
Mactay Consulting has successfully employed over 40,000 employees for most of the top companies in Nigeria over the last 10 years, and is the agency you should consider recruiting with. We work within your time-frame and other requirements to ensure you have the best of the best on the market.

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Author: Akingbade Victor

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