10 May 2018


The success or failure of a business rests on the kind of talents it can attract. With the competition to hire the best people becoming even more intense in recent years, the business of recruiting, managing and retaining talents is important now more than ever. First off, as an employer or recruiter, what makes up an ideal team for your organization?

Obviously, the talent needs of organizations differ from business to business. This notwithstanding, there are general standards that every business can relate to. A good team is essentially a combination of the right technical skills and the right attitude to making work effective. Your team members need to have the required skill set to achieve work and the right attitude to getting the work done. So, how do you hire a great team?



According to the Society of Human Resources Management, competition among employers for the best talent is a top reason why recruiters are experiencing a  much harder recruiting environment than previous years. As an outfit, you can beat competition by attracting the best talents.

For one, it is helpful to have a competitive compensation and benefits package for your employees. This is called Employee value proposition (EVP). According to, EVP encompasses everything an employer is doing to attract and retain employees. It includes all of the pay, benefits, rewards, and perks that come with being an employee of the organization. Simply, it’s the reason why an employee would want to work there as opposed to finding employment somewhere else. Like the marketing idea, Unique Value Proposition (UVP), if the EVP is what sets you apart from the competition for talent, then it pays to have a good EVP that to attract and retain the talents you need.

This is important but it is not the only thing that attracts the best talent. It is also essential to promote the company’s brand as one of the best places to work. Your employer brand on media platforms (social media inclusive) is very important. It is helpful to always remember that your prospective employees are watching. You should consider optimizing your website and career page specifically to improve your brand’s awareness and positioning.



According to a report by Rob Rawson, founder of, 92% of companies use social media for recruiting and 45% of Fortune 500 companies include links to social media pages on their career page sections. Chief among social media platforms that recruiters use to build their talent network is LinkedIn. As at last year, statistics from the business-based social network shows over half a billion users registered. As a recruiter, it is only right that you follow your choice staff to where they are. It will prove a poor strategy to ignore such a community where professional interactants and interaction abounds.

As an aside, it is also wise for potential candidates to fast forward their careers by signing up and connecting with recruiters and recruiting organizations. Employers no longer fancy a résumé drop box in the lobby, welcoming walk-ins interested in filling out a paper application, or entertaining calls asking to speak to HR about open positions listed in the newspaper. More often than not, when walking the rows of a career fair or networking at an industry event, you’ll hear the words, “Go apply online.”  or “Connect with me on LinkedIn.”


Interviewing is a standard talent selection tool that offers Recruiters and Employers an opportunity to have a session with potential candidates and determine if they truly tick their boxes in terms of talent needs.

Lauren Simonds says “Stop wasting time and money hiring the wrong people. It’s time to improve your interviewing skills”. Your interview can do two things for you. It will provide the right opportunity to filter candidates based on the job requirements for the position. While most employers focus on the first alone, your interview can also serve as a good opportunity to communicate your company brand and culture to the candidates. Usually being a good interviewer (especially with knowing the art of asking questions that project the company brand) does not come naturally. It is a skill that must be learnt.



It has become even more important to enlist the help of a staffing/recruitment firm in your recruiting process than it was 10 years ago. The logic of specialization comes to play here. As an entrepreneur who supervises an entire business, you will not do as good a job in providing certain recruitment solutions as a staffing/recruitment firm would. Their job is to develop a network of talents thereby taking the job of recruitment and talent management off your hands – allowing you to focus on the core operations of your company. Mactay offers competitive services in Recruitment, and associate practices like Payroll, Expatriate sourcing, and so on.



According to Harvard Business Review research, the war for talents will only increase in coming years. Leading CEO’s interviewed claim improving their employer brands will help to set them apart from competition, secure their long-term recruitment needs, and increase their local and/or global brand awareness. Either you are a start up or a big business, it is important you get your hiring process right now. Remember, nothing beats getting the right persons to work for you.

Author: Samuel. I Adebayo (Talent Acquisition and Selection Manager)

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