20 Apr 2018


A lot has been asked, and a lot said too, on the subjects of unemployment, employment, career growth, employee satisfaction and other related issues. Is getting a job hard? Well, recent research reveals that the unemployment rate in Nigeria stands at an all time high of 18.8%. Furthermore, with up to 2 million Nigerians joining the labour force each year, further research shows that outright unemployment is not the only (or if you like, major) issue, but underemployment. This means getting a job is not the only issue here but getting the job of your dreams, the kind you want, is an even bigger issue.

It is important to say that THERE ARE JOBS in Nigeria! Yeah, you read that right. There are jobs in Nigeria. However, getting your dream job is not a stroke of luck. There are steps to getting a good job. There are things to know, and more importantly, there are things to do. I’ll discuss few of these things here.


In the search for the right job, networking is important. In the first instance, you must know that not all job vacancies are announced or advertised. And you know the amazing thing? It works for all professions. It is helpful to belong to relate this way, building strategic connections. Graphic Designers should stay connected, engineers, actors, the list goes on and on. As a professional, there must be people and groups that do the same thing as you.


Every day, meaningful interactions are going on and the internet is not left out. In fact, the internet, plays host to meaningful conversations about career and job opportunities. For example, it helps to have an active profile on Linkedin. Networking is an important asset in getting to know about job openings and LinkedIn helps with that. Also, registering on job sites is helpful. I particularly recommend Assisttohire. You can customarily check the page, you can also follow them on any social network you use the most. That way, you get to keep the entertainment of social media and still get alerted about job openings. Win, win, right?


Now, this is crucial. No entrepreneur will retain in their payroll someone who is underperforming. Think about it for a moment. If you were the employer, you would want to get value for your money, right? Keeping folks in your employ is not charity; You want to get a Return On your Investment (ROI)! This means while looking for the perfect job, you must also look to be the outright best person for the job. It’s not a stroll in the park, but it’s not as hard as it sounds too. You can get relevant trainings, an example is SAP, get relevant skills)


This is important too.  For the long run, it is vital that you learn the technological dimensions of the job you’re involved in. Technological innovations and solutions are growing in leaps and bounds, with them replacing certain production stages that used to be filled by humans. Long term job security entails learning the technological solutions related to your job. It puts you in a better position now and in the future.


You’ve heard it said that finding a job is a job itself. In other words, you should tackle it actively, not passively. Grow your network, grow your profile and you will find that you can have what you’ve always wanted. Cheers.

Author: Akingbade Victor

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