01 Jun 2018


In simple terms, Business process outsourcing (BPO) is the contracting of non-primary business activities and functions to a third-party provider. In Nigeria, the use of Outsourcing companies has witnessed a gradual growth in several sectors including facility management, fleet management, call center operations and IT support. BPO can help you as an entrepreneur in the following ways:


Business process outsourcing has been proven to be capable of reducing the overall cost of production. When broken down, one of these costs will include salary and other expenses accrued to hiring in-house staff to do the job. From the cost of the recruitment process, to staff basic salary, added benefits and training costs.

Other costs that can be avoided by Outsourcing also include infrastructure purchase and equipment maintenance. Mactay Outsourcing, for example, offers fleet management for its clients across all sectors. This means the client-company has nothing to worry about as regards purchase of vehicles, recruitment and management of drivers, and even vehicle maintenance. This undeniably simplifies the production process in no small terms.


Business process outsourcing helps your company focus on what it knows how to do best. A classic example of a company that leverages on BPO Solutions is Apple. Apple outsources its manufacturing aspects to vendors in a number of countries while it concentrates on the brand designing of the products, among other things. This clever model contributes to why apple is one of the most profitable companies in the world.


This perhaps is the BPO benefit that influences the future of a company the most. Business Process Outsourcing can allow for innovation in two ways. Having outsourced certain production procedures to a service provider, the company leadership has ample time and space to focus on updating strategy for their current product and to even engineer new products or services. This is the idea behind outsourcing: to free up space for expansion in company structure and service varieties.


Asides the obvious benefit of cost management, BPO services can also help to maintain and even improve the client’s quality of products and services. This is important for Outsourcing vendors because they also are in competition to land the best contracts. Quality Control is an important aspect that BPO Companies have continued to pay attention to, and MacTay Outsourcing is undoubtedly at the heart of this in Nigeria. A recent example of this is implementing the field marketing campaign of one of the leading financial institutions in Nigeria. The campaign had a return of over a million new customers activated within 6 months.

Final Words

Without doubt, strategic BPO is key to companies looking to reduce operating cost and improve bottom line. The steady growth rate of the BPO industry and its relevance for big companies and SMEs alike duly attests to the fact that it is catching on. Now and in the coming years, outsourcing in Africa will continue to adopt modern technology to deliver quality and innovative services. BPO is at the heart of future business expansion and innovation.


Author: Coleman Lanre

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