25 Apr 2018


So, you have a team to supervise, or you are responsible for a unit’s performance.  You have always thought it would be easy. What challenge could come from just supervising what others do? You have probably been under a fine manager before and you wondered sometimes what your manager did with all the time on their hands. Well, you are now in the same shoes and you have discovered that a managerial role is not as easy as it appeared. In fact, it comes with more pressure, most times, than with other roles in the organizational hierarchy.

It has been said that human beings are the most difficult entities to manage. In truth, the necessity for the Human Resources Department has grown in influence over time. In leader-follower relations, the place of placing proper accountability measures cannot be over-emphasized. It goes a long way in determining productivity and consistency. Here are a few pointers to holding people accountable in your first managerial role:


Be as clear as possible. You cannot afford to be vague. You must state the Key Performance Indicators clearly and simply. The team member must know what is expected of him/her and what that is clearly. You cannot achieve goals that you have not clearly spelled out.


This is closely related to the last point. Measurable figures mean actual figures used to measure performance in your industry. You can call them Key Performance Indicators. Putting figures to it makes your organization up to date with industry demands. It also helps your team to be able to present and defend their work outside your company. Basically, use the measurable terms of your industry. For example, in digital marketing, there are metrics to track number of likes, reach, impression, engagement and so on. These items are measured in figures.



In an effective team, everybody should know their place in the chain of production or service delivery. Your team member must realize how the rest of the team depends on him to deliver and how he depends on the rest of the team to function too.  What this does is to provide a sense of team play and collectiveness in the team. Ample experience shows that good teams have a strong sense of team play


As touchy as this aspect may seem, it can be helpful in achieving organizational goals. The team member should realise what it means to his position in the company or to the company, as the case may be, if the job is not done well. Stating the consequences of not doing the work. In doing this, however, you must make sure to not sound threatening or menacing. The issue is to be firm but not come across as a bully. You don’t want to come across as not knowing how to do your job. Neither do you want to be seen as a tyrant.


It is important that your team member feels team backing in the process of working. Without allowing redundancy, the team should feel that the team leader is approachable enough for questions guidance, questions, suggestions and recommendations. It is excellent company culture that your team members see the leader as knowledgeable and at the same time approachable for questions and recommendations. It is good for the esteem of your staff and it is good for your business. I assume that you have hired an excellent team (See our article on How to Hire a Good Team) and as such, you need their intelligence and expertise to make your production process smoother and more effective. In all, it is usually easier to hold people accountable when hitherto, you have always stayed in communication.

In conclusion, you should note that your money is not as important as the quality of your team. You must use your team well, there is nothing that can replace the work of a good team. In your team, you must have the right mix of people: character, and skills.  The quality of product of a company is based on the quality of the team it  has. Good managers have one thing in common: they are constantly on a look out for ways to increase their team’s productivity, every time.


Author: Nwonu Ifeanyichukwu Howard

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